Start your own farm. Sign up as a satellite farmer or a self-serviced farmer.
Betegeuse is a 4-fold project of Agro Kings which seeks to enhance the overall agricultural experience for various stakeholders.

Betelgeuse hopes to see agriculture become more affordable to the farmer, with greater potential to scale. Again, it does not only seek to contribute towards meeting increasing food demands but also add value to food supplies. This project allows every citizen to experience agriculture in a practical but fun way.

It goes to support the overall vision of Agro Kings to feed the future, empower smallholder farmers and innovate using technology. 

Who Is A

Satellite Farmer?

A Satellite farmer is an individual willing to lease farm land(s) and financially subscribe to all added services and resources Project Betelgeuse provides. Services available to a Satellite farmer include but are not limited to complete and automatic set up of farmlands on farm management software, access to farm management cloud platform, option to have Project Betelgeuse sell their produce on the market and many more.

Who Is A

Self-Service Farmer?

A self serviced farmer is any individual with resources including time, capital and labour to manage leased farmland(s) and perform necessary farm activities without the interference of Project Betelgeuse. Also, all farm activities by the self – serviced farmer must strictly fall within the Project Betelgeuse farm compliance.

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